Frequently Asked Questions

Can you throw other waste than paper towels into Compax One™?

We recommend that you only throw paper towels in Compax One™. Of course there might be incidents where people throw other types of waste such as paper cups, banana peels or food packaging. This will not damage the product, but as general rule, the product should not be used for general waste. 

Does the Compax One™ need power?

Yes - you need external power to run Compax One™. One the other hand, the product is very energy efficient with low operating peak powers (70W), meaning it could be easily connected to existing power infrastructure in washrooms without installing new fuses.

How can I connect Compax One™ to the Internet?

The Compax team is working on Compax Connect™ which will enable full connectivity and access to data. Through our open APIs you could easily implement desired data into your existing software solutions.