The next generation waste bin

ProductName is the perfect solution for busy restrooms

Simplifies Cleaning

Fitting up to 10 times more waste in each bag, the Smart Waste Compactor™ lets you focus on cleaning instead of transporting waste bags

Improves Planning

Always know what area you should prioritize. Use both live and historical data to enhance your cleaning routines on a day to day basis

Easy Maintenance

The low power consumption ensures an easy installation, and the service plan makes for a worry-free ownership

How ProductName works

Designed and manufactured in Norway



Automatic operation

Energy efficient

Quick compression

What we are working on - everything is connected

Everything is Connected

Use Your Existing System

Demand-Driven Operations

When installing the SWCs they will immediately connect with your existing software on your smart tablet   

Collected data through the sensors of the SWC™ introduces a new world of  demand-driven building operations

The Key Features

Real-Time Information

The SWC™ will send real-time information on waste levels directly to building operators

Visualization of Data

Integration with APIs allows visualization of data on computer and hand-held devices

Predict User Patterns

Collected sensor data will be used to predict user patterns in restrooms for more efficient work

Interested to see the WMS™ in action?

We will be happy to bring the Smart Waste Compactor™ to your location for a product demonstration - no strings attached.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.