We aim to create meaningful innovative solutions
for a more efficient society.

In late 2017, our company was founded to pursue the vision of a more efficient society. As students at NTNU in Trondheim, it was natural for us to use technology as a tool to fulfill this vision. By observing waste handling in large public and corporate buildings, we had discovered inefficiency in these processes on multiple levels. Time, money, and plastic are resources that are wasted on a daily basis, solely to get waste bins ready for new waste, only to repeat the process. At least once a day, large campuses with thousands of restrooms transports waste bags to overfilled utility rooms. Some even do this multiple times a day at high-traffic restrooms. Although these bags appear full, they usually have room for ten times more waste. That's why we started Compax Solutions.

Less wasted time, money, and plastic - a more efficient society.

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Jonas Fossnes Blekastad
Terje Bogevik
Marketing & Sales
Anders Engebakken
Christian Wilhelmsen
Hardware & Production
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